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Find out what our current patients say about us...

Age 25, Headingley

I have been extremely happy with any treatment I have received here at Deu Dental. Both my son and I are registered here and would not consider going to another Dentist.

The staff are extremely pleasant and make you feel at ease during treatment. I would recommend this practice to anyone.

Age 30, Headingley

Had a great experience at this practice. Had a filling done. They made me feel at ease comfortable and wasn�t nervous at all. So pleased with the outcome. It�s clean and neat and feel confident to smile now.

Age 25, Headingley

I was nervous going in (got 3 fillings) but it was painless and quick. I felt comfortable throughout. Everybody present was brilliant. I just wish I�d signed up here earlier.

Age, unknown

I attended a dental appointment today to have a filling, my first one, on a chipped tooth. After a previous bad experience I was absolutely terrified but I would recommend Dr. Deu to anyone. Himself and his assistant put me at ease by explaining the procedure and giving me hints on how to relax. They were very kind and understanding and I was in and out in minutes. I would definitely say this was the first positive dentist appointment I�ve had.

Age 36, Headingley

Thanks for the quick appointment. Availability is top of my list when it comes to choosing a practise. The doctor was very thorough and friendly, thanks.

Age 21 Headingley

I had a bad experience at the dentist before but Dr. Deu made me feel really chilled, and I faced my fears. His assistant and he are both extremely friendly and have a calming, gentle manner.

Age 65 Cookridge

I have been a patient at Deu Dental Care 68 Otley Old Road Leeds LS16 6LQ for a number of years. I had been afraid of visiting the dentist due to past experience, however I have nothing but praise for all of the staff of the above. I was put at ease straight away and feel confident now when attending my checkups for any treatment that is required.

Age 43 Cookridge

I obviously felt apprehensive about the thought of having to have 2 extractions. This 1st was very easy, the 2nd was difficult. This dentist was very pleasant and calming, and professional. Very careful and gentle would highly recommend.

Age 31 Hyde Park

Been coming here for a long time all the staff are very helpful and kind. All my treatment and after care has been great no problems at all.

Age unknown, Headingley

I was an extremely nervous patient when I first joined the practice but the dentist and hygienist have helped me to become a lot less nervous. I don�t struggle coming on my own now whether for a check-up or a treatment.

The Preventative care and advice I have received has helped me to look after my teeth more and I now worry a lot less about my dental health and cost, which is another thing the practice has helped me with. Their payment plan is practical and includes emergency appointments and is reasonable in price. Every treatment I have had here has been a success and I will have cosmetic treatment going forward. Dr. Deu is an absolute top notch dentist and my teeth may certainly not be as healthy if it wasn�t for him

Every treatment I have had here has been a success and I will have cosmetic treatment going forward. Dr Deu is an absolutely top notch dentist and my teeth may certainly not be as healthy if I wasn�t for him.

Age unknown, 54 Headingley

At the age of 54 I have discovered a dental practice which has helped me over come my phobia of pain and dentist. I couldn�t thank the deu practice enough. I attend regularly and my confidence has grown.

Thank you

Age 46, Headingley

With routine dental checkups and dental hygiene twice a year, my dental health is good and I am really pleased. My dentist Dr.Deu is one of the best dentists I would recommend. He explained things to the patient clearly and gives advice, bookings, reminder etc. I am also very pleased about their system when it comes to appointment bookings, reminder ect. The hygienist input is also great. The whole crew at Dr.Deu dental practice is very professional. I don�t regret being their client and I recommend this dental practice.

Age unknown

Treatment excellent as always in all respects and from all staff kind attention.

Age 23, Headingley

Staff made me feel at ease and gave me great after care advice.

Age 80, Headingley

I do now like going to the dentist everyone has been kind and helpful. The dentist in the practice was lovely very gentle and explaining everything. I want to keep my teeth so I am glad to come as to have my smile back.

Thank you

Age Unknown

I have been a patient with Dr. Deu for 10 and half years. I have always appreciated the thoroughness of the advice and treatment, together with the promptness and effectiveness of any emergency treatment. Reception at the practise has always been in considerate hands during treatment I am pleased with the quality of my dental health.

Age 21 Headingley

I am happy with the service and teeth look better.

I was nervous about fillings but dentist put mind at ease.

My dentist was very professional and did a good job.

I am glad I had my fillings.

Age 47 Cookridge 

My new smile feels very happy. Yes it is improved my life I felt very good during the initial consultation, much better. I was not nervous felt very at home. Very happy with the dental dentist. Wish I had this treatment done earlier, it was not a difficult treatment once again thanks to the dental doctors and staff for the lovely support.

Age 85 Cookridge


My new smile makes me feel very happy. Yes it has improved my life. I felt very good during the initial consultation, and now much better. I was not nervous and felt very at home. Very happy with the dentist. Wish I had this treatment done earlier, it was not a difficult treatment. Once again thanks to the dental team and staff for the lovely support.

Age unknown


Very good dentist. As I am a very nervous person they make me feel relax.

Age 38 Headingley 

I am always quite nervous of dental appointments due to years of quite invasive treatments. DR Guptu and her nurse Christine made me feel very safe and secure during my crown treatment and told me at each stage what was happening. Coming to the dentist is never enjoyable however the team made it so much better.

Age unknown

I have been a patient for almost 10 years and I have always had a great service. I initially had a lot of problems with one tooth and instead of only suggesting the most experience option, Dr Deu went through every option. Since then I felt I can trust his opinion based on being a good dentist rather than wanting my money! I have never had a fear of dentist and haven�t developed one since using Dr Deu either.

Age 35 Headingley

Slightly nervous but the dentist put me to ease. Very Professional, thorough and explained process directly. Reception staff friendly and professional.

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